Giammusso corporoplasty for the treatment of isolated congenital ventral penile curvature.

29 Dic 2021

Vincenzo Bagnara, Salvatore Arena, Marco Castagnetti, Ciro Esposito, Donatella Di Fabrizio, Carmelo Romeo, Bruno Giammusso


The aim was to retrospectively evaluate our experience in a large series of patients affected by isolated congenital ventral penile curvature, surgically treated using a previously described modified incisional corporoplasty.

Two hundred and six patients with isolated congenital ventral penile curvature underwent a modified incisional corporoplasty. Mean age at surgery was 20.7 ± 5.5 years, and degree of ventral curvature was 60 ± 23°. After the point of maximum convexity identification, Buck’s fascia was vertically opened along the deep dorsal vein, which was partially ligated, resected and removed. Tunica albuginea was then longitudinally incised and transversally closed. Post-operative follow-up examination was performed at 2 weeks, 6, 12 and 24 months and then annually. Surgical time was 79 ± 12 min. At follow-up, 189 out of 198 patients (95%) were completely satisfied, four patients (2%) complained a recurrence of penile curvature, and 6 (3%) complained about shortening of the penis. None of the patients had any interference with sexual activity. One patient (0.5%) showed erectile dysfunction 5 years after surgery, but there was no organic dysfunction during examination. The proposed technique allows correction of ventral congenital penile curvature without dorsal neurovascular bundle manipulation, resulting in minimum trauma of the erectile tissue, without injury to nerve fibres.

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